Graduate Students

Greyson Abid   (B.A., Philosophy and Cognitive Science, University of Pennsylvania, 2014) Greyson is primarily interested in philosophy of mind and foundational issues in cognitive science.

Randall Amano   (A.B., Harvard University) He is writing a dissertation on the role of normativity in Kant’s account of our cognitive capacities. His advisors are Hannah Ginsborg, Daniel Warren, and Janet Broughton. He has interests in many areas of philosophy including the history of modern philosophy, epistemology, self-knowledge, normativity, and perception.

Michael Arsenault   (B.A. Hons. with high distinction, University of Toronto, 2011) I’m interested in contemporary philosophy of mind, especially perception; Aristotle, and Wittgenstein.

Mathias Boehm   (M.A. Philosophy, HU Berlin) For the most part, I like to think about philosophy of language but I also like to think about topics in metaphysics and I would like to think more about non classical logics and epistemology.

Adam Bradley   (B.A., Philosophy, University of Cincinnati, 2011) Adam is an 8th year PhD student who works in the philosophy of mind, cognitive science, epistemology, and metaphysics.

Isabella Carlsson   (B.Sc., Northeastern University) Her main interests are in formal epistemology, logic, decision theory, game theory, and philosophy of science.

Scott Casleton   (B.A., Yale University). Scott enjoys reading all kinds of history: philosophy, art, religion, law, and politics. He has a soft spot for narrative, whether in fiction or biography. Recently he’s been thinking about the relationship between philosophy and social issues.

Monika Chao   (B.A., philosophy, University of North Carolina, Asheville, M.A., philosophy, San Francisco State University) Monika is mainly interested in philosophy of language and its intersections with philosophy of science and metaphysics. She also has interests in feminist philosophy as well as aesthetics (i.e. watching basketball).

SJ Cowan   (BFA in Photography, Columbia College; MA in Theology, Fuller Theological Seminary; MA in Philosophy, UW-Milwaukee). My interests are in thinkers like Kant, the German Romantics, Wittgenstein, and Heidegger, as well as in Critical theory, and Feminist and Black thought. I like questions about aesthetics, art, methodology, the nature of thought, and perceptual experience.

Sophia Dandelet   (B.A., UC Berkeley, 2013). Her main interests are in epistemology and ethics. She is currently thinking about trust and faith as forms of epistemic partiality; patterns of explanation that cite normative facts as reason to believe descriptive facts; and the difference between problematic and benign second-guessing.

Caitlin Dolan   (B.A., summa cum laude, NYU, 2009) Caitlin works primarily on the philosophy perception, mostly by asking questions about its epistemology and its aesthetic nature. She is interested in contemporary debates on these topics, as well as their roots in the early Modern and early analytic traditions. Her dissertation explores the sense in which depiction is a distinctively visual form of representation.

Ravit Dotan   (B.Sc., Physics and Chemistry, 2009 & M.A. Philosophy, 2013, cum laude, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) I mainly work in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of machine learning. Mostly, I think about theory choice, assessment of evidence and hypotheses, and the role of values in reasoning. Currently, I work on the role of value judgments in assessment of evidence and in machine learning algorithms. I also examine similarities between reasoning in science and in religion. For example, I expound similarities between scientific revolutions and religious conversions.

Omar Fakhri   (B.A., Biola University) His main interests are in epistemology, metaethics, and ethics. He also has secondary interests in metaphysics, ancient philosophy, and philosophy of science.

Nick French   (B.A., summa cum laude with High Honors in Philosophy, NYU 2012). Nick is primarily interested in ethics. He is currently writing a dissertation on our moral obligations to other people and the moral significance of the reasons for which people act. He hopes that his dissertation will deepen our understanding of contractualist accounts of morality.

Nicholas Gooding   (B.A., Philosophy, McGill University, 2009). Nick works primarily on ancient Greek philosophy, focusing on Aristotle’s ethics and political philosophy. He is also interested in the social contract tradition (both its early modern roots and its more recent revival); in Kant’s theoretical philosophy; in Nietzsche; and in the later Wittgenstein.

Tyler Haddow   (B.A., Philosophy, Stanford University, 2014) Tyler is interested in what a good life is and what it takes to live one.Here are some more specific and hopefully more tractable topics he has been thinking about recently: moral luck, integrity, trust, social practices/rituals, habits, attention, moods, practical necessity (“I must!”), and expertise.Currently (Fall ‘18), Tyler is the GSI for Prof. Warren’s Methods course.Tyler’s current and former students should always feel welcome to email him for course or reading suggestions!

Jessica Heppler   (B.A., summa cum laude, SUNY Geneseo) Jes is currently interested in epistemology, moral psychology, and political philosophy. She has most recently been thinking about concepts, intuitions, and emotions.

Luke Jensen   (B.A., cum laude, Philosophy, Haverford College, 2016) Luke is mainly interested in philosophy of mind and perceptual experience. He has secondary interests in metaethics, philosophy of science, and aesthetics.

Ethan Jerzak   (A.B., University of Chicago, 2010). Mainly philosophy of language and logic. Also epistemology and metaethics.

Jeffrey Kaplan   (B.A., summa cum laude, Williams College, 2009; M.Phil., University of Cambridge, 2011)
Jeff’s research focuses on human-created normative practices, like law and language. He argues that these practices are normative in a non-moral sense and that this rules out some, but not all, reductive theories of law and language.

Joseph Kassman-Tod   (M.A., Music, University College London, 2012; B.A. & M.A., Philosophy, University College London, 2013)

Jackson Kernion   (A.B., cum laude, Philosophy, Harvard, 2012) Jackson is primarily interested in philosophy of mind, epistemology, and philosophy of science. He’s currently writing a dissertation on the concept of conscious experience, arguing for a certain kind of a priori functional constraint on experience. When not philosophizing, he likes to go hiking and keep up a coding hobby.

Alex Kerr   (B.A. with highest honors, Oberlin College, 2010) Alex’s main interests are in the philosophy of perception.

Dan Khokhar   (B.A. Philosophy, B.S. Mathematics, J.D., Indiana University; M.A. Bioethics, NYU)Dan is a fourth-year student interested primarily in moral and political philosophy. His dissertation concerns the nature and limits of authority.

Elek Lane   (B.A., University of Chicago) Thought and sense. History.

Urte Laukaityte   (B.A. Linguistics, University of Cambridge; M.Sc. Philosophy of Cognitive Science, University of Edinburgh) Urte is most readily excitable about issues in cognitive science, philosophy of mind, psychology and philosophy of science. Her more niche interest is psychiatry.

Madeleine Levac   (B.A. Hons. with high distinction, University of Toronto). Madeleine has a number of disparate philosophical interests; her present intention, however, is to focus on philosophy of language and Kant.

Jennifer Marsh   (B.A., University of Pennsylvania) Jennifer is mainly interested in epistemology and philosophy of mind. She is also interested in the history of modern philosophy, particularly the epistemologies of Hegel and Kant.

Matthew McCauley   (B.A. Johns Hopkins) Matthew is a student in the [Logic Group] ( He studies mathematical logic.

Sven Neth   (B.A., Freie Universität Berlin, 2016) Hi, I’m interested in philosophy.These days, I mostly like to think about epistemology, decision theory, language and logic. Anything having to do w/ Goodman’s “New Riddle”: I’m probably into it.

Adam Paris   (B.A., New York University). Adam is primarily interested in epistemology and the history of philosophy (early modern and German Idealism). He is currently working on external world skepticism and topics in Kant.

Emily Perry   (B.A. McGill Univeristy) Emily is chiefly interested in ancient Greek philosophy.

William Phillips   (B.A., Middle Tennessee State University; MA, Brandeis University)

Kirsten Pickering   (B.A., Arizona State University, 2009) Kirsten is writing a dissertation on the objectivity of ethics and its implications for ethical justification and knowledge. She also has interests in the history of ethics and meta-ethics, moral psychology, and political and legal philosophy.

Emily Podhorcer   (B.A., Rutgers University). Emily is primarily interested in epistemology, political philosophy, and philosophy of law. Recently she has been thinking about the philosophy of humor.

Ajay Ravichandran   (B.A., philosophy, University of Chicago; J.D., Yale University). He is primarily interested in practical philosophy, broadly construed, including metaethics, normative ethics, action theory, and the philosophy of law. Recently, he’s been thinking a lot about philosophical conceptions of practical reason, the justification of punishment, and the implications of action theory for ethics. He also has a side interest in ancient philosophy and developing interests in the philosophy of mind, Kant’s theoretical philosophy, and the work of the later Wittgenstein.

Rachel Rudolph   (B.A., McGill University, 2011). Rachel’s main interests are the philosophy of language, ethics, and epistemology.

Patrick Ryan   (Harvard, 2015) Currently, I am working on topics in the philosophy of mathematics, Kant, and ethics (in particular: contractualism). Besides doing philosophy, I enjoy playing the piano and learning languages.

Pia Schneider   (M.A., Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, 2016). Pia is mainly interested in philosophy of science, Kant, and logic.

Daniel Villalon   (B.A., philosophy and mathematics, Northwestern University, 2017). I am primarily interested in philosophical logic and philosophy of language. My main preoccupations include truth, meaning and non-classical logics. I have additional interests in metaphysics and early analytic philosophy.

James Walsh   (Sc.B., Brown University, 2013) James is a student in the Group in Logic and the Methodology of Science. His research is in mathematical logic and the philosophy of mathematics.

Evan Washington   (A.B., with high honors, Mathematics, Princeton University, 2018). My main interest is logic (both mathematical logic and philosophical logic). I also have interests in formal epistemology, philosophy of language, and philosophy of science.