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Dissertation advisors: Andreja Novakovic and Alva Noë

The Philosophy department is my home department here at Berkeley, and I work in the Program for Critical Theory as well. Beginning in 2022, I also joined (as a visiting PhD fellow) a research group—“Normativity, Critique, Change”, working within the “Reorganizing Ourselves” project headed by Alva Noë—at the Free University in Berlin.

My interests are in thinkers like Kant, the German Romantics, and Wittgenstein, as well as in Critical Theory, and Feminist and Black thought.

My dissertation—which draws heavily on Kant, Schiller, Nietzsche, and Adorno—is (tentatively) titled “The Play of Appearances: Aesthetic Semblance and the Reflective Conception of Art”.

Prior to coming to Berkeley, I studied photography (BFA, Columbia College), theology (MA, Fuller Seminary), and philosophy (MA, UW-Milwaukee).