Visiting Scholars

Joseph Kassman-Tod  (Ph.D., Philosophy, UC Berkeley; MA, Music, University of London) His research is in the philosophy of art, Kant, and post-Kantian philosophy (with an emphasis on early German idealism, existential phenomenology, and the Frankfurt school). He has additional interests in ancient Greek philosophy.

photo of B. Scot Rousse

B. Scot Rousse  My research is focused on existential phenomenology, especially Heidegger and Merleau-Ponty. More broadly, I am animated by the perplexities of learning to be human in a technological age. In addition to being a visiting scholar in Philosophy here at Berkeley, I am Director of Research for Pluralistic Networks, Inc., an educational and professional development company based in Oakland, CA. I’m also a drummer in several punk bands. I received my Ph.D. from Northwestern University and my B.A. here at Berkeley.

Visiting Student Researchers