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Luna Cheng

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(B.A. Philosophy, CUHK). Luna’s main interests are in philosophy of mind and metaphysics, especially consciousness, perception, and mental causation. She is also interested in feminism, phenomenology, and Buddhist philosophy.

My research interests related to the mind-body problem were bolstered by the experience of shaving my head on a whim. As others’ attitudes toward me changed, the way I saw myself and the way I experienced the world also shifted radically. The experience of waking up and trying to remember who I was motivated my interest in the relationship between mind, body, and the world around me. Are we our minds, our bodies, or the perspective from which we see the world? What roles do our bodies play in connecting us to the physical world? How do we gain knowledge about ourselves as well as the world around us? How do our bodies, and the way we experience the world, shape our personality?

Besides philosophy, I love hiking, yoga, reading poetry. And I’m open to explore all kinds of outdoor activities!