photo of Coleman Solis

Coleman Solis

Office hours: M 4-6

(B.A. Philosophy, Pomona College, 2019; Bioethics Fellow, NIH, 2021). My main interests are in normative ethics, especially in questions relating to meaning and morality. I’m also interested in lots of the questions raised by bioethics - below are two attempts on my part to grapple with some especially vexing ones.

Ever wondered whether humane meat farming is really OK? (In particular, whether killing humanely raised animals can be said to harm them?) This paper won’t give you an answer, but will at least show just how complicated and difficult the question is.

Or, ever thought about whether it’s legitimate to expect profoundly marginalized home care workers to care (in the sense that really matters) about their clients? Here I argue, with several of my NIH colleagues, that it isn’t - and that we ought as such to reform the home care industry.

My friends and I put this album out in high school - I still think it really holds up. I was on bass. link