Philosophy Hall at night, viewed from Sproul Plaza

Events this week

Tue Oct 3, 2023
7205 Dwinelle Hall
5–7 PM
Working Group in Ancient Philosophy
Satoshi Ohigara (Tohoku University)
Vague for Reasons: The Argument in Plato, Philebus 28c6-31a4
Wed Oct 4, 2023
Philosophy 234
6–8 PM
Note special time
Working Group in the History and Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Science
Stephan Hartmann (LMU Munich)
Bayesian Coherentism
Fri Oct 6, 2023
12:15–2 PM
Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory
Olivia Bailey (Philosophy, UC Berkeley)
Adam Smith and Sophie de Grouchy on Sympathy, Economic Inequality, and the Corruption of Moral Sentiments