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University of California
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Events this week

Wed Oct 26, 2016
Dennes Room, 6–8 PM
Dan Zahavi (University of Copenhagen)
Neuro-representationalism, neo-Kantianism and transcendental idealism
Thu Oct 27, 2016
301 Moses, 12:30–2:30 PM
Work in Progress lunch
Fri Oct 28, 2016
5101 Tolman Hall, 11 AM–1 PM
Institute of Cognitive and Brain Sciences
Justin Wood (University of Southern California)
Building newborn minds in virtual worlds
Fri Oct 28, 2016
141 Boalt Hall, 12–2 PM
Workshop in Law, Philosophy, and Political Theory
Richard Tuck (Harvard University)


Philosophy Department Newsletter, 2016 edition

Our 2016 newsletter is out! Thanks to the contributors: Nick French, Alex Kerr, Jennifer Marsh, Dylan Murray, Kirsten Pickering, Rachel Rudolph. You can download it here.