Philosophy 2

Spring 2020

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
2 Individual Morality and Social Justice Wallace MWF 10-11 Stanley 105

An introduction to central issues in moral and political philosophy. The course will focus on some basic questions about our conduct as individuals and our relation to the broader social world we inhabit, including the following: Are there objective norms or values? What is the relation of moral standards to religion and human evolution? What are some specific moral requirements (relating to killing, sex, and helping people in need)? What is involved in leading a meaningful human life? Are friendship and partiality fundamentally at odds with morality? What makes a society just, and worthy of our allegiance? Under what conditions might we owe reparations to those whose ancestors suffered grave injustices in our political community? What is political pluralism, and what are its implications for a culture of toleration? When and why should we tolerate the expression of views that we find abhorrent?

Texts will be taken from contemporary sources, and will be made available on the bCourses site for the class.