Philosophy 2

Summer 2016 Session D

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
2 Individual Morality & Social Justice Khokhar MTuWTh 10-12 209 Dwinelle

This course will be an introduction to some important questions in moral and political philosophy as well as some influential attempts to answer them. It will be organized into three units. In the first unit, we’ll consider questions concerning the nature of morality such as: Are moral truths objective or rather personally or culturally relative? Why should I act morally? What does morality require of me? In the second unit, we’ll look at some contemporary moral questions including: Is abortion morally wrong? What do we owe to future generations? How demanding are our obligations to help strangers? In the final unit, we’ll consider some questions in political philosophy including: Why should I do what the state tells me to do? What’s the nature and importance of toleration? Why is free speech important in a political society?