Philosophy 2

Fall 2016

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
2 Individual Morality & Social Justice Sluga MWF 9-10 50 Birge

The course deals with fundamental ethical issues and is intended, at the same time, as an introduction to philosophy. It seeks to addresses questions concerning the self, our relations to others and our commitment to various human communities. It asks, thus: How can I lead a good life? Are there rules for my relations with others? How are we to settle questions of social living together?

We will examine these issues with the help of writings from both Western and Non-Western sources, both classical and modern authors. All the required readings will be made available in a Class Reader.

In addition to the lectures there will be weekly one-hour sections to provide a space for a discussion of the issues that have come up. Participation in these sections is essential for success in the class.

There will be three, one hour in-class exams and a regularly scheduled three hour final.