B. Scot Rousse

Office hours:
E-mail: bsrousse@berkeley.edu

My scholarly work takes place at the crossroads of existential phenomenology, hermeneutics, and the philosophy of action, and these days I am invested in rethinking not only the nature of human identity, but also the nature of education and design. In addition to being a visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy here at Berkeley, I am Director of Research for Pluralistic Networks, Inc., an education and professional development company based in Oakland, CA, which was co-founded by Fernando Flores. I received my Ph.D. in philosophy from Northwestern University and my B.A. in philosophy here at Berkeley. My recent work has appeared in The Cambridge Heidegger Lexicon, European Journal of Philosophy, Journal of Expertise, International Journal of Philosophical Studies, Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy, Telos, as well as volumes on Teaching and Learning in Adult Skill Acquisition, Time and the Philosophy of Action, and The Task of Philosophy in the Anthropocene. My CV is here: Mediafire. More information is at academia.edu and Google Scholar. For an overview of my musical projects see my page on discogs.com.