The Philosophy Department offers comprehensive guidance and support to its Ph.D. students when they seek academic employment. The Department’s placement advisor holds informational meetings for job candidates, offers detailed advice about their application materials, and oversees the assembly of their dossiers. The Department also schedules practice interviews for new job candidates, as well as a “Graduate Research Colloquium” at which they each present results of their research to the entire Department; these events replicate, as far as possible, a regular philosophy talk, providing valuable feedback for candidates as they prepare for on-campus interviews. The Department provides placement support to its Ph.D. students until such time as they receive an offer of continuing academic employment (a tenure-track position or equivalent).

Our placement results in recent years compare favorably with those of other leading graduate programs in philosophy. In fact, the 2017 Academic Placement Data and Analysis, funded by the American Philosophical Association, places us among the very best when judged by metrics such as placements into tenure-track positions at leading research institutions.

Placements for Ph.D. recipients since 1997 (including students from the Group in Logic and Methodology of Science who have specialized in philosophy) are listed below. Offers tendered but not accepted are shown in gray. Offers are tenure-track unless otherwise noted.

Ethan Jerzak, Paradox in Thought and Natural Language. Committee: John MacFarlane and Seth Yalcin.

  • National University of Singapore, 2019

James Hutchinson (Ph.D. 2018), Frege’s Systematic Conception of Truth and its Consequences. Committee: John Campbell and John MacFarlane.

  • University of Indiana (Oscar R. Ewing Visiting Assistant Professor), 2018

Jeffrey Kaplan, Weightless Normativity: A Theory of Law, Language, and More. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and Niko Kolodny.

  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2018

Erica Klempner (Ph.D. 2018), Beauty, Art and Testimony: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Aesthetics. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg, John MacFarlane, and Barry Stroud.

  • Berkeley Connect Fellowship (one year postdoc), 2018

Alex Kocurek, What Can You Say? Measuring the Expressive Power of Languages. Committee: Wesley H. Holliday and Seth Yalcin.

  • Cornell University, 2018

Antonia Peacocke (Ph.D. 2018), Knowing Yourself is Something You Do. Committee: John Campbell and Barry Stroud.

  • New York University (Bersoff Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2018
  • Stanford University, 2018

Austin Andrews (Ph.D. 2017), Transparency in Perception. Committee: John Campbell and Geoffrey Lee.

  • Berkeley Connect Fellowship (one year postdoc), 2017
  • Washington University, St. Louis (McDonnell Postdoctoral Fellowship, two years ), 2018

Jeremy Carey (Ph.D. 2017), Reason, Desire, and the Will: In Defense of a Tripartite Moral Psychology. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg, Kinch Hoekstra, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Siena College (visiting position, extended for second year), 2017

Peter Epstein (Ph.D. 2017), Sensible Concepts: Experience and the A Priori. Committee: John Campbell, Geoffrey Lee, Tania Lombrozo, and Barry Stroud.

  • Cambridge University (Randall Dillard Research Fellowship, three years), 2017
  • Brandeis University, 2020

Quinn Gibson (Ph.D. 2017), On the Fringes of Moral Responsibility: Skepticism, Self-Deception, Delusion, and Addiction. Committee: John Campbell and R. Jay Wallace.

  • NYU Shanghai (two year postdoctoral teaching fellowship), 2017
  • American University of Beirut, 2019

Julian Jonker (Ph.D. 2017), In Defense of Directed Duties. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2017

Richard Lawrence (Ph.D. 2017), Nominalization, Specification, and Investigation. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg, John MacFarlane, and Paolo Mancosu.

  • Berkeley Connect Fellowship (one year postdoc), 2017

Dylan Murray (Ph.D. 2017), Hijacking Reason: Implicit Attitudes and Moral Responsibility. Committee: John Campbell and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Princeton University (two year postdoc), 2017

Umrao Sethi (Ph.D. 2017), Perception and the Dual Nature of Appearances. Committee: John Campbell, Hannah Ginsborg, Tania Lombrozo, and Michael Martin.

  • CUNY Lehman, 2017
  • Bard College, 2017
  • Brandeis University, 2019

Justin Vlasits (Ph.D. 2017), Platonic Division and the Origins of Aristotelian Logic. Committee: Timothy Clarke, Klaus Corcilius, and John MacFarlane.

  • Universität Tübingen (two year postdoc), 2017

Eugene Chislenko (Ph.D. 2016), Intention and Normative Belief. Committee: Hubert Dreyfus, Hannah Ginsborg, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Temple University, 2017

Ethan Nowak (Ph.D. 2016), Two Dogmas About Demonstratives. Committee: John MacFarlane, Line Mikkelsen, and Seth Yalcin.

  • University College London (two year teaching position, extended for third year), 2016

Lindsay Crawford (Ph.D. 2015), Epistemic Obligation in Perspective. Committee: Lara Buchak, Niko Kolodny, and Sherrilyn Roush.

  • Connecticut College (C3 Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2015
  • Connecticut College, 2018

Melissa Fusco (Ph.D. 2015), Deontic Modals and the Semantics of Choice. Committee: John MacFarlane, Line Mikkelsen, and Seth Yalcin.

  • Columbia University, 2016

Maxwell Gee (Ph.D. 2015), Rationality and Expected Utility. Committee: Lara Buchak and Niko Kolodny.

  • Non-academic (management consulting), 2015

Janum Sethi (Ph.D. 2015), Kant on Subjectivity and Self-consciousness. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and Daniel Warren.

  • University of Michigan, 2015

Katrina Winzeler (Ph.D. 2015), Theories of Mental Disorders Remain Scientific in Spite of Both the Absence of Reductive Explanations and the Presence of Interventional Mental Autonomy. Committee: John Campbell, Tania Lombrozo, and John R. Searle.

  • Pierce College , 2016

Erin Beeghly (Ph.D. 2014), Seeing Difference: The Epistemology and Ethics of Stereotyping. Committee: Véronique Munoz-Dardé and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Utah, 2014
  • Connecticut College (C3 Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2014

Zachary Bruce (Ph.D. 2014), Descartes’s Method and the Role of Eternal truths. Committee: Barry Stroud and Daniel Warren.

Arpy Khatchirian (Ph.D. 2014), Substantive Truth and Knowledge of Meaning. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg, John MacFarlane, and Barry Stroud.

  • UC Berkeley (Lecturer, Fall Program for Freshmen), 2015

Luke Misenheimer (Ph.D. 2014), The Publicity of Concepts. Committee: John Campbell and Geoffrey Lee.

  • Nonacademic employment (software development), 2014

Justin Bledin (Ph.D. Logic 2013), Logic Informed. Committee: Niko Kolodny and John MacFarlane.

  • Johns Hopkins University, 2013
  • NYU (Bersoff Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2013
  • University College London, 2013

Erich Matthes (Ph.D. 2013), Engaging with the Past: Essays on History, Value, and Practical Reason. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Wellesley College, 2013
  • University of Pennsylvania (2-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2013

Michael Rieppel (Ph.D. 2013), Being Something: Prospects for a Property-Based Approach to Predicative Quantification. Committee: John Campbell, John MacFarlane, and Line Mikkelsen.

  • UC Berkeley (Lecturer), 2014
  • Syracuse University, 2015

Joseph Barnes (Ph.D. 2012), A Platonic Account of Epistemic Value. Committee: G. R. F. (John) Ferrari, Niko Kolodny, and John MacFarlane.

  • UC Berkeley (Lecturer), 2012
  • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter, 6-year term position), 2013

Joshua Beattie (Ph.D. 2012), Evolutionary Naturalism and the Normativity of the Mental. Committee: John Campbell and John R. Searle.

  • Stanford Online High School, 2012

Brian Berkey (Ph.D. 2012), Against Moderate Morality: The Demands of Justice in an Unjust World. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Melbourne (Social Justice Initiative, research fellowship), 2012
  • Stanford University (Postdoctoral Fellowship in the Dept. of Philosophy/McCoy Center), 2013
  • Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
  • Ohio University, 2015

Vanessa de Harven (Ph.D. 2012), The Coherence of Stoic Ontology. Committee: Klaus Corcilius, Dorothea Frede, and Anthony A. Long.

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2012
  • Union College, 2012

Markus Kohl (Ph.D. 2012), Kant on Freedom, Nature and Normativity. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Tennessee, 2012
  • Birkbeck College, London, 2012
  • University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2017

Tamar Lando (Ph.D. 2012), Probabilistic Semantics for Modal Logic. Committee: Paolo Mancosu and Barry Stroud.

  • Columbia University, 2012
  • University of Pennsylvania, 2012

Julia Nefsky (Ph.D. 2012), The Morality of Collective Harm. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Toronto, 2012

Benjamin Boudreaux (Ph.D. 2011), Recent Immigration and the Nation: An Account of the Demands of Assimilation. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Non-academic (entered MS program in Foreign Service at Georgetown), 2011

Michael Caie (Ph.D. 2011), Rationality and Semantic Paradox. Committee: John MacFarlane and Michael Martin.

  • University of Rochester, 2011
  • Syracuse University, 2012
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2014

Stanley Chen (Ph.D. 2011), Matters of Taste Are Not “Mere Matters of Taste”. Committee: John MacFarlane and Barry Stroud.

  • Non-academic (attending Harvard Law School), 2011

Andy Engen (Ph.D. 2011), The Reactive Theory of Punishment. Committee: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace.

  • UC Berkeley (lecturer), 2011
  • Illinois Wesleyan University, 2012

Matthew Parrott (Ph.D. 2011), Agency and First-Person Authority. Committee: Barry Stroud and Daniel Warren.

  • University of Puget Sound (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2011
  • University of Oxford (2-year Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2012
  • King's College London, 2014

James Stazicker (Ph.D. 2011), Visual Attention as a Source of Knowledge. Committee: John Campbell and Alva Noë.

  • New York University (two year Bersoff Fellowship), 2011
  • University of Reading (UK), 2012

George Tsai (Ph.D. 2011), Moral Judgment and Historical Understanding. Committee: Hans Sluga and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Scripps College (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2011
  • Australian National University (18-month Postdoctoral Fellowship), 2012
  • University of Hawaii, Manoa, 2012
  • Nanyang Technological University (Singapore), 2012

Jessica Gelber (Ph.D. 2010), Causes and Kinds in Aristotle’s Embryology. Committee: Alan Code, Anthony A. Long, and John MacFarlane.

  • Syracuse University, 2011
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2014

Ian Schnee (Ph.D. 2010), Justification, Reasons, and Truth. Committee: Niko Kolodny and Barry Stroud.

  • University of Puget Sound (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2010
  • Western Kentucky University, 2011
  • University of Washington (Lecturer), 2015

Fabrizio Cariani (Ph.D. Logic 2009), The Semantics of ‘Ought’ and the Unity of Modal Discourse. Committee: Niko Kolodny and John MacFarlane.

  • Northwestern University, 2009

James Genone (Ph.D. 2009), Appearance as Reality: Direct Realism and Perceptual Error. Committee: John Campbell, Alison Gopnik, and Alva Noë.

  • Stanford University (Introduction to the Humanities Program), 2009
  • Franklin and Marshall College (two year visiting position), 2012
  • Rutgers University-Camden, 2013
  • Minerva Schools at KGI (Associate Professor), 2016

Joe Karbowski (Ph.D. 2009), The Methodology of Aristotle’s Inquiry into the Human Good in the Nicomachean Ethics. Committee: Alan Code, Anthony A. Long, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Notre Dame, 2009

Russ McBride (Ph.D. 2009), The Homeostatic Mind: A Developmental Study of Object Cognition. Committee: John R. Searle and Hans Sluga.

  • Non-academic (programming), 2009

John Schwenkler (Ph.D. 2009), Space and Self-Awareness. Committee: John Campbell, Alva Noë, and Stephen Palmer.

  • Mount St. Mary's University, 2009
  • Florida State University, 2013

Josh Sheptow (Ph.D. 2009), Coordination and Exclusion: Two Problems of Mental Causation. Committee: John Campbell and Alva Noë.

  • Non-academic (attending Stanford Law School), 2009
  • Miami-Dade College, 2018

Jennifer Smalligan (Ph.D. 2009), Explanation and Belief in David Hume’s A Treatise of Human Nature. Committee: Janet Broughton and John Campbell.

  • Brandeis University, 2009

Andreas Anagnostopoulos (Ph.D. 2008), Aristotle on Change and Potentiality. Committee: Alan Code, Anthony A. Long, and John MacFarlane.

  • Humboldt University, Berlin (Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter), 2008
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität, Munich (Akademischer Rat), 2010

Agnes Gellen Callard (Ph.D. 2008), An Incomparabilist Account of Akrasia. Committee: G. R. F. (John) Ferrari, Samuel Scheffler, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • University of Chicago, 2008
  • Columbia University, 2008
  • NYU, 2008
  • Stanford University, 2008

Kenny Easwaran (Ph.D. Logic 2008), The Foundations of Conditional Probability. Committee: Branden Fitelson, John MacFarlane, and Sherrilyn Roush.

  • University of Southern California, 2008
  • University of Pittsburgh, 2008
  • Texas A&M University, 2014

Mike Titelbaum (Ph.D. 2008), Quitting Certainties: A Doxastic Modeling Framework. Committee: Branden Fitelson and John MacFarlane.

  • University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2008
  • Duke University, 2008

Joel Yurdin (Ph.D. 2008), Aristotle: From Sense to Science. Committee: Alan Code, Anthony A. Long, Hans Sluga, and Barry Stroud.

  • Haverford College, 2008

Ben Callard (Ph.D. 2007), Ignorance and Innocence. Committee: Samuel Scheffler and John R. Searle.

  • Lehman College, CUNY, 2007
  • Lecturer, University of Chicago, 2008

Rick Canedo (Ph.D. 2007), Understanding an Independent World from the Human Point of View: A Response to Rorty, Williams, and Dreyfus. Committee: Hubert Dreyfus and Hans Sluga.

  • Non-academic (management consulting), 2007

Berislav Marusic (Ph.D. 2007), Skepticism Between Absurdity and Idleness. Committee: Janet Broughton, John MacFarlane, and Barry Stroud.

  • Brandeis University, 2007

David Berger (Ph.D. 2006), Kant’s Distinction Between the Beautiful and the Agreeable. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and Daniel Warren.

  • Non-academic (attending University of Michigan law school), 2006

Hui-chieh Loy (Ph.D. 2006), The Moral Philosophy of the Mozi “Core Chapters”. Committee: Kwong-loi Shun, Hans Sluga, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • National University of Singapore, 2006

Bence Nanay (Ph.D. 2006), How Animals See the World: A Theory of Content for Action-Oriented Perceptual States. Committee: John MacFarlane, Alva Noë, and John R. Searle.

  • Syracuse University, 2006
  • Concordia University, 2006
  • CUNY (Baruch College), 2006
  • Rice University, 2006
  • University of Antwerp, 2010

Johannes Hafner (Ph.D. Logic 2005), From Metamathematics to Philosophy: A Critical Assessment of Putnam’s Model-Theoretic Argument. Committee: Charles Chihara, John MacFarlane, and Paolo Mancosu.

  • North Carolina State University, 2006

Shoshana Smith (Ph.D. 2005), Clear and Distinct Perception in Descartes’ Philosophy. Committee: Janet Broughton and Hannah Ginsborg.

  • Colgate University (two-year), 2005
  • Frostburg State University, 2011

Wayne Wu (Ph.D. 2005), What’s Attention Got to Do with Action? An Essay on Perception and Action. Committee: Alison Gopnik, John R. Searle, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Ohio State University, 2005

Tim Crockett (Ph.D. 2004), Leibniz on Shape and the Reality of Body. Committee: Janet Broughton and Hannah Ginsborg.

  • Marquette University, 2004

Suzanne Obdrzalek (Ph.D. 2004), The Philosopher’s Eros – Reason and Passion in Plato’s Middle Dialogues. Committee: Alan Code, G. R. F. (John) Ferrari, and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Yale University (two year postdoc), 2004
  • Claremont McKenna, 2006
  • Syracuse University, 2006
  • University of Alberta, 2006
  • University of Manitoba, 2006
  • University of Tennessee, 2006
  • Washington University in St. Louis, 2006

Elizabeth Camp (Ph.D. 2003), Saying and Seeing-As: The Linguistic, Cognitive, and Imaginative Uses and Effects of Metaphor. Committee: John MacFarlane, John R. Searle, and Richard Wollheim.

  • Junior Fellow, Harvard Society of Fellows (two year fellowship), 2003
  • University of Pennsylvania, 2005
  • Rutgers University, 2013

Diana Fleming (Ph.D. 2003), Virtue and Right Action. Committee: Kwong-loi Shun and Richard Wollheim.

  • Indiana University, South Bend, 2003

W. Goodwin (Ph.D. 2003), Kant’s Philosophy of Geometry. Committee: Charles Chihara, Paolo Mancosu, and Daniel Warren.

  • Swarthmore College (Visiting Assistant Professor), 2003
  • University of South Florida, 2013

Niko Kolodny (Ph.D. 2003), Relationships as Reasons. Committee: Samuel Scheffler and R. Jay Wallace.

  • Harvard University, 2003
  • Columbia University, 2003
  • NYU, 2003
  • UCLA, 2003
  • UC Berkeley, 2005

Omar Mirza (Ph.D. Logic 2003), Naturalism and Darwin’s Doubt: a Study of Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism. Committee: John MacFarlane and Hans Sluga.

  • St. Cloud State University, 2003

Cheryl Chen (Ph.D. 2002), Perception and Empirical Thought. Committee: Barry Stroud and Daniel Warren.

  • Bryn Mawr College, 2002
  • Harvard University (Lectureship), 2006
  • Johns Hopkins, 2006

Edward Cushman (Ph.D. 2002), Normativity and the Prospects of Naturalism. Committee: Barry Stroud and Daniel Warren.

  • Reed College (not tenure-track), 2002

Jonathan Ellis (Ph.D. 2002), Psychological Conditions for Psychological Awareness. Committee: John R. Searle and Barry Stroud.

  • UC Santa Cruz, 2002

Peter Hanks (Ph.D. 2002), The Unity of the Proposition. Committee: John R. Searle and Barry Stroud.

  • University of California, Davis (one-year visiting professorship), 2002
  • University of Minnesota, 2003

Brendan O'Sullivan (Ph.D. 2002), Causal Relevance and Mental Properties. Committee: John R. Searle and Bruce Vermazen.

  • Rhodes College, 2002

Christopher Pincock (Ph.D. 2002), A Structuralist Approach to Applying Mathematics. Committee: Paolo Mancosu and Hans Sluga.

  • Purdue University, 2002

Jason Bridges (Ph.D. 2001), Locating Thought: Externalism & Naturalism about Mental Content. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and Barry Stroud.

  • University of Chicago, 2001

Casey Perin (Ph.D. 2001), Rationality and Ancient Scepticism. Committee: Janet Broughton, Alan Code, and Anthony A. Long.

  • University of Massachusetts, Amherst, 2001

Wai-hung Wong (Ph.D. 2001), Rational Resistance to Skepticism. Committee: Samuel Scheffler and Barry Stroud.

  • California State University, Chico, 2001

Richard Zach (Ph.D. Logic 2001), Hilbert’s Finitism: Historical & Philosophical Perspectives. Committee: Paolo Mancosu.

  • University of Calgary, 2001

Strefan Fauble (Ph.D. 2000), Interpretation, Function, and Metaphysics of Works of Art. Committee: Bruce Vermazen and Richard Wollheim.

  • UC Irvine (postdoc), 2000

Ursula Coope (Ph.D. 1999), Time As a Number of Change: Aristotle’s Physics IV, 10-14. Committee: Alan Code, David Gill, and Anthony A. Long.

  • University of London (Jacobsen Fellowship), 1998
  • Birkbeck College, University of London, 1999

John Holbo (Ph.D. 1999), Prolegomena to Wittgenstein’s Tractatus. Committee: Hubert Dreyfus and Hans Sluga.

  • National University of Singapore, 1999

Maria Merritt (Ph.D. 1999), Virtue Ethics & the Social Psychology of Character. Committee: Kwong-loi Shun and Bernard Williams.

  • College of William and Mary, 1999

Steven Arkonovich (Ph.D. 1998), Reasons for Action & the Roles of Desire. Committee: Samuel Scheffler and Bernard Williams.

  • Reed College, 1998

Andrew Carpenter (Ph.D. 1998), Kant’s Earliest Solution to the Mind/Body Problem. Committee: Hannah Ginsborg and Daniel Warren.

  • Antioch College, 1998

Joshua Dever (Ph.D. 1998), Variables. Committee: Charles Chihara and Stephen Neale.

  • University of Texas, Austin, 1998

Eli Dresner (Ph.D. 1998), Formal Semantics & the Algebraic View of Meaning. Committee: Donald Davidson, Stephen Neale, and Bruce Vermazen.

  • Tel Aviv University, 1998

Mathias Frisch (Ph.D. 1998), Theories, Models, and Explanation. Committee: Martin Jones and Elisabeth Lloyd.

  • University of Maryland, 1998

Robert Gorton (Ph.D. 1998), Meaning Without Theory. Committee: Hans Sluga and Bruce Vermazen.

  • UC Berkeley (Lecturer), 1998

Sean Kelly (Ph.D. 1998), The Relevance of Phenomenology to the Philosophy of Language & Mind. Committee: Hubert Dreyfus and John R. Searle.

  • Princeton University, 1998

Herman Cappelen (Ph.D. 1997), Words, Signs, and Quotation. Committee: Charles Chihara, Stephen Neale, and John R. Searle.

  • Vassar College, 1997

Michael Green (Ph.D. 1997), Liberalism & Nation States. Committee: David Gill and Samuel Scheffler.

  • University of Chicago, 1997

Matthew Henken (Ph.D. 1997), Necessity & Its Discontents: A Study in Philosophical Troublemaking. Committee: John R. Searle and Barry Stroud.

  • UC Santa Cruz, 1997

Eric Schwitzgebel (Ph.D. 1997), Words About Young Minds: The Concepts of Theory, Representation, and Belief in Philosophy & Developmental Psychology. Committee: Alison Gopnik, Elisabeth Lloyd, and John R. Searle.

  • UC Riverside, 1997