Philosophy 24

Spring 2012

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
24 Freshman Seminar: Philosophy with Socrates Corcilius W 11-12 214 Haviland

In this seminar we will jointly read and discuss a series of ancient texts in which the Greek philosopher Socrates examines other people’s claims about pleasure, justice, piety, virtue, the good life, death, happiness, philosophy and many other important things. We will learn about the so-called Socratic Method, about its aims and structure and discuss the issues raised by Socrates for ourselves.  

Professor Klaus Corcilius’ interest is in ancient philosophy, theoretical and practical, and within ancient philosophy especially Aristotle. Currently, he is working on Aristotle’s scientific conception of the soul. Corcilius was an undergraduate at Hamburg University, Germany, and completed his doctoral studies at Humboldt Universität Berlin.

Previously taught: FL11, FL09, FL06, FL05, FL04.