Philosophy 24

Fall 2006

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
24 Freshman Seminar: The Ethics of Mortality Wallace M 11-12 234 Moses

This seminar will consider whether and under what conditions it might be morally permissible to kill another person. We will consider a variety of situations in which killing has been thought to be morally justified, such as self-defense, the conduct of a just war, the administration of justice (capital punishment), and the alleviation of acute suffering (euthanasia). In considering the permissibility of killing under these various circumstances we will be forced to address fundamental questions about the nature of morality and the value of human life. Readings will be taken from contemporary philosophical discussions (available in a course reader). Students will be expected to attend all seminar meetings and to participate in seminar discussions. In addition, there will be two short papers (1-2 pages). 1 unit; P/NP.

Previously taught: FL05, FL04.