R. Jay Wallace’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Scott Casleton
Virginia Foggo
Tyler Haddow
Russell McIntosh
Milan Mossé
Christian Nakazawa
Edward Schwartz
Sarah Vernallis

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2022 Dan Khokhar Address and Response: The Normativity of Requesting, Begging, and Commanding
2021 Sophia Dandelet Making Up Our Minds: Ethical Norms in Epistemic Inquiry
2021 Omar Fakhri How to Stand Your Ground in the Face of Moral Disagreement
2020 Kirsten Pickering Why Answer the Epistemic Challenge?
2020 Nick French Moral Obligation, Mutual Recognition, and Our Reasons to be Moral
2017 Jeremy Carey Reason, Desire, and the Will: In Defense of a Tripartite Moral Psychology
2017 Dylan Murray Hijacking Reason: Implicit Attitudes and Moral Responsibility
2017 Julian Jonker In Defense of Directed Duties
2017 Quinn Hiroshi Gibson On the Fringes of Moral Responsibility: Skepticism, Self-Deception, Delusion, and Addiction
2016 Eugene Chislenko Intention and Normative Belief
2014 Erin Beeghly Seeing Difference: The Epistemology and Ethics of Stereotyping
2013 Erich Matthes Engaging with the Past: Essays on History, Value, and Practical Reason
2012 Brian Berkey Against Moderate Morality: The Demands of Justice in an Unjust World
2012 Markus Kohl Kant on Freedom, Nature and Normativity
2012 Julia Nefsky The Morality of Collective Harm
2011 Benjamin Boudreaux Recent Immigration and the Nation: An Account of the Demands of Assimilation
2011 Andy Engen The Reactive Theory of Punishment
2011 George Tsai Moral Judgment and Historical Understanding
2009 Joe Karbowski The Methodology of Aristotle’s Inquiry into the Human Good in the Nicomachean Ethics
2008 Agnes Gellen Callard An Incomparabilist Account of Akrasia
2006 Hui-chieh Loy The Moral Philosophy of the Mozi “Core Chapters”
2005 Wayne Wu What’s Attention Got to Do with Action? An Essay on Perception and Action
2004 Suzanne Obdrzalek The Philosopher’s Eros – Reason and Passion in Plato’s Middle Dialogues
2003 Niko Kolodny Relationships as Reasons