Brian Berkey [home page]

E-mail: bberkey@berkeley.edu
Dissertation advisors: Niko Kolodny and R. Jay Wallace

(B.A., Philosophy and Politics (summa cum laude) - NYU, 2004; M.A. - NYU, 2005) Brian is a recent graduate interested mainly in moral and political philosophy. He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at the McCoy Center for Ethics in Society at Stanford University. From May to October 2012 he was a Research Fellow at the University of Melbourne, working on a project on Egalitarianism and Climate Justice. His Berkeley dissertation, “Against Moderate Morality: The Demands of Justice in an Unjust World,” addresses the extent to which prevailing injustice gives rise to moral demands on well-off people to make sacrifices in order to aid the badly-off.

Brian did his undergraduate work in Philosophy and Politics, as well as earning an Interdisciplinary Masters Degree, at New York University. He was a member of the NYU golf team during his four years there.

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