John Searle’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2015 Katrina Winzeler Theories of Mental Disorders Remain Scientific in Spite of Both the Absence of Reductive Explanations and the Presence of Interventional Mental Autonomy
2012 Joshua Beattie Evolutionary Naturalism and the Normativity of the Mental
2009 Russ McBride The Homeostatic Mind: A Developmental Study of Object Cognition
2007 Ben Callard Ignorance and Innocence
2006 Bence Nanay How Animals See the World: A Theory of Content for Action-Oriented Perceptual States
2005 Wayne Wu What’s Attention Got to Do with Action? An Essay on Perception and Action
2003 Elizabeth Camp Saying and Seeing-As: The Linguistic, Cognitive, and Imaginative Uses and Effects of Metaphor
2002 Peter Hanks The Unity of the Proposition
2002 Jonathan Ellis Psychological Conditions for Psychological Awareness
2002 Brendan O'Sullivan Causal Relevance and Mental Properties
1998 Sean Kelly The Relevance of Phenomenology to the Philosophy of Language & Mind
1997 Herman Cappelen Words, Signs, and Quotation
1997 Matthew Henken Necessity & Its Discontents: A Study in Philosophical Troublemaking
1997 Eric Schwitzgebel Words About Young Minds: The Concepts of Theory, Representation, and Belief in Philosophy & Developmental Psychology