Justin Vlasits

Dissertation advisors: Timothy Clarke, Klaus Corcilius, and John MacFarlane

(B.A., Columbia University). His main interests are in ancient philosophy, logic, and epistemology. His dissertation project is on the methods of collection and division in Plato and Aristotle, which he thinks have an important place in the history of logic.

Current side projects include: the relationship between full and partial belief, the Ramsey test for conditionals, logical omniscience in formal models of epistemic states, the knowability paradox, and inquiry in Sextus Empiricus.

Justin also maintains serious interests in the history and philosophy of science and mathematics, decision theory, metaphysics, and the reception of ancient philosophy.

In the past, he has been GSI for Introduction to Logic, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophical Methods, Philosophy of Mind, Plato, and Aristotle.