Umrao Sethi [home page]

Dissertation advisors: John Campbell, Hannah Ginsborg, Tania Lombrozo, and Michael Martin

Courses for Fall 2016: Berkeley Connect and Berkeley Connect

(B.A., summa cum laude, Psychology, Philosophy, Columbia University, 2006). Umrao’s main interests lie in the philosophy of mind and metaphysics. In particular, she is interested in the metaphysical structure of perceptual experience and the nature of sensible appearances.

In her dissertation, titled “Perception and the Dual Nature of Appearances,” Umrao defends the thesis that sensible appearances are a class of qualitative properties that have ontologically distinct instances. Making use of these properties, she argues for an account of perception she calls particularist naïve realism: “naïve” because it respects the commonsense view that ordinary perception acquaints us with features of the familiar mind-independent world; “particularist” because the particular appearances that perceivers are acquainted with in normal perception are given an objective treatment, even though they fall under a qualitative kind that can have ontologically diverse, sometimes mind-dependent, instantiations.