photo of Paolo Mancosu

Paolo Mancosu

Willis S. and Marion Slusser Professor of Philosophy

Office: 230 Philosophy Hall
Office hours: Th 11:10-12:30
Phone: (510) 296-4325

(Ph.D., Stanford University). His interests lie in the philosophy of mathematics and its history, in philosophy of logic, and in mathematical logic. His written work is currently focused upon neologicism, the philosophy of mathematical practice, and mathematical infinity. He has recently published “Infini, logique, géométrie” (Vrin, Paris, 2015) (“Prix Jean Cavaillès 2018”), “Abstraction and Infinity” (Oxford University Press, 2017), “Moscow Has Ears Everywhere. New Investigations on Pasternak and Ivinskaya” (Hoover Press, Stanford, 2019); with S. Galvan and R. Zach, “An Introduction to Proof Theory. Normalization, Cut-Elimination, and Consistency Proofs”, (Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2021)”(“Shoenfield Prize 2022”); and with M. Mugnai “Syllogistic Logic and Mathematical Proof” (Oxford University Press, 2023).