Philosophy 116

Fall 2015

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
116 Special Topics in Political Philosophy Munoz-Dardé TuTh 9:30-11 200 Wheeler

Regulation of Intimacy: This optional course is concerned with some central questions in political and moral philosophy. The topic of the course is the politics of sex. It focuses on general ethical concerns raised by state regulation of intimate relations. Should some things not be for sale? Is consent the key to legitimate interaction? What is involved in one person ‘objectifying’ another? Are there circumstances in which paternalism is permissible or even required? Readings include Anderson, Dougherty, Herman, Langton, Nagel, Nussbaum, Pallikkathayil, Parfit, O’Neill, Satz, Saul, Scanlon, Shiffrin, Thomson, Wedgwood. The course is intended for students with a range of specializations, but some background knowledge in philosophy. Prerequisites: two prior philosophy courses. As taught this semester, Phil 116 satisfies the ethics requirement for the philosophy major.

Previously taught: FL11, FL10, SP10, FL07, SP04.