Philosophy 189

Fall 2024

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
189 Topics in Recent European Philosophy: Foucault Sluga TuTh 9:30-11 TBA

Michel Foucault: A comprehensive examination of Foucault’s thought from The Order of Things of 1966 to his late writings from the 1980’s on politics and ethics.

Readings: Foucault, Discipline and Punish The History of Sexuality, vol. 1 A class reader (to be made available at Copy Central)

*As taught this semester, this course satisfies the 160-187 (but not the 160-178) requirement for the major.

Previously taught: SP20, FL18, SP17, FL14, FL13, FL12, SP12, FL11, SP10, FL08, SP08, SP07, SP04.