Philosophy 136

Fall 2021

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
136 Philosophy of Perception Martin TuTh 12:30-2 Social Sci 56

The philosophy of perception is a microcosm of the metaphysics of mind. Its central problems - What is perception? What is the nature of perceptual consciousness? How can one fit an account of perceptual experience into a broader account of the nature of the mind and the world? - are problems at the heart of metaphysics. It is often justifiably said that the theory of perception (and especially vision) is the area of psychology and neuroscience.

As taught this semester, Philosophy 136 will satisfy Group C of the Theory of Knowledge/Epistemology/Metaphysics requirement.

Previously taught: FL19, FL15, FL14, FL13, FL12, FL11, FL09, SP07, FL05, SP04.