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Lara Buchak (and others) in *Philosopher's Annual*

Congratulations to Lara Buchak, whose article, “Taking Risks Behind the Veil of Ignorance,” published last year in Ethics, has been selected by the editors of Philosopher’s Annual as one of the ten best papers published in 2017. This is Lara’s second appearance in the Annual’s top ten lists, which include a 2015 paper co-authored by Lara, as well as articles by Berkeley faculty Shamik Dasgupta (2016) and Seth Yalcin (2007). Berkeley PhDs are also well-represented in the Annual, with two articles each by Michael Caie (2012 and 2013), Fabrizio Cariani (2008 and 2016), Michael Titelbaum (2008 and 2015), and one by Kenny Easwaran (2015).

August 17, 2018