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R. Jay Wallace

R. Jay Wallace

Judy Chandler Webb Distinguished Chair for Innovative Teaching and Research

Office: 134 Moses
Because of social distancing measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, meetings will take place via videoconferencing. Please email me for information on how to set up a meeting.
Office hours: W 3:00-5:30
Phone: (510) 394-3309

Courses for Spring 2020: Ethical Theories and Individual Morality and Social Justice

R. Jay Wallace works in moral philosophy. His interests extend to all parts of the subject (including its history), and to such allied areas as political philosophy, philosophy of law, and philosophy of action. His research has focused on responsibility, moral psychology, normative ethics, and the theory of practical reason. Recently he has written on promising, normativity, constructivism, resentment, hypocrisy, love, and regret and affirmation (among other topics). His newest book, The Moral Nexus (Princeton, 2019), is a study of the relational structure of the moral domain. Other books include Responsibility and the Moral Sentiments (Harvard, 1994), Normativity and the Will (Oxford, 2006), and The View from Here: On Affirmation, Attachment, and the Limits of Regret (Oxford, 2013).

Wallace was an undergraduate at Williams College, where he received the B.A. degree in 1979. He did his graduate work at the University of Oxford (B.Phil. 1983) and at Princeton University (Ph.D. 1988). He has taught at Wesleyan University, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and has held visiting positions at universities in Germany, Australia, and New Zealand. He was Chair of the Philosophy Department at Berkeley from 2005-2010, and he served on the Berkeley Budget Committee from 2013-2016, chairing the committee in academic year 2015-2016. His honors include a Fellowship from the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation and a senior Research Award (“Forschungspreis”) from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. He has received an Einstein Visiting Fellowship to support intensive collaborations with philosophers in Berlin from April, 2016 through March, 2020.