University of Stirling Sept. 1974 - July 1978 (B.A. in Philosophy)

University of Calgary Sept. 1978 - Sept. 1979 (M.A. in Philosophy)

Queen’s College, Oxford Sept. 1979 - Sept. 1980

Wolfson College, Oxford Sept. 1980 - Sept. 1982 (B.Phil in Philosophy June 1981 (Philosophical Logic, Formal Logic, and History of Science))

Brasenose College, Oxford Sept. 1982 - Sept. 1983

Christ Church, Oxford Sept. 1983 - Sept. 1986 (D.Phil ‘Spatiotemporal Thinking’)

Research Lecturer at Christ Church, Oxford (1983-1986)

Fellow and Tutor in Philosophy at New College (1986-2001)

Reader in Philosophy at the University of Oxford (1997-2001)

Wilde Professor of Mental Philosophy (2001-2004)

Visiting posts at University of California at Los Angeles, King’s College Cambridge, Australian National University. British Academy Research Reader 1995-1997. Fellow, Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, Stanford, 2003-2004.

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