Barry Stroud’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2018 Erica Klempner Beauty, Art and Testimony: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Aesthetics
2018 Antonia Peacocke Knowing Yourself is Something You Do
2017 Peter Epstein Sensible Concepts: Experience and the A Priori
2014 Zachary Bruce Descartes’s Method and the Role of Eternal truths
2014 Arpy Khatchirian Substantive Truth and Knowledge of Meaning
2012 Tamar Lando Probabilistic Semantics for Modal Logic
2011 Stanley Chen Matters of Taste Are Not “Mere Matters of Taste”
2011 Matthew Parrott Agency and First-Person Authority
2010 Ian Schnee Justification, Reasons, and Truth
2008 Joel Yurdin Aristotle: From Sense to Science
2007 Berislav Marusic Skepticism Between Absurdity and Idleness
2002 Peter Hanks The Unity of the Proposition
2002 Cheryl Chen Perception and Empirical Thought
2002 Edward Cushman Normativity and the Prospects of Naturalism
2002 Jonathan Ellis Psychological Conditions for Psychological Awareness
2001 Jason Bridges Locating Thought: Externalism & Naturalism about Mental Content
2001 Wai-hung Wong Rational Resistance to Skepticism
1997 Matthew Henken Necessity & Its Discontents: A Study in Philosophical Troublemaking