John MacFarlane’s Advisees

Dissertations in progress

Mathias Boehm
Russell Helder
Elek Lane
Madeleine Levac
Daniel Villalon

Berkeley dissertations advised, 1997–present

2023 Sven Neth Non-Ideal Decision Theory
2021 Sophia Dandelet Making Up Our Minds: Ethical Norms in Epistemic Inquiry
2019 Ethan Jerzak Paradox in Thought and Natural Language
2019 Rachel Rudolph Talking about Appearances: Experience, Evaluation, and Evidence in Discourse
2018 James Hutchinson Frege’s Systematic Conception of Truth and its Consequences
2018 Erica Klempner Beauty, Art and Testimony: Subjectivity and Objectivity in Aesthetics
2017 Richard Lawrence Nominalization, Specification, and Investigation
2017 Justin Vlasits Platonic Division and the Origins of Aristotelian Logic
2016 Ethan Nowak Two Dogmas About Demonstratives
2015 Melissa Fusco Deontic Disjunction
2014 Arpy Khatchirian Substantive Truth and Knowledge of Meaning
2013 Michael Rieppel Being Something: Prospects for a Property-Based Approach to Predicative Quantification
2013 Justin Bledin Logic Informed
2012 Joseph Barnes A Platonic Account of Epistemic Value
2011 Michael Caie Rationality and Semantic Paradox
2011 Stanley Chen Matters of Taste Are Not “Mere Matters of Taste”
2010 Jessica Gelber Causes and Kinds in Aristotle’s Embryology
2009 Fabrizio Cariani The Semantics of ‘Ought’ and the Unity of Modal Discourse
2008 Andreas Anagnostopoulos Aristotle on Change and Potentiality
2008 Kenny Easwaran The Foundations of Conditional Probability
2008 Mike Titelbaum Quitting Certainties: A Doxastic Modeling Framework
2007 Berislav Marusic Skepticism Between Absurdity and Idleness
2006 Bence Nanay How Animals See the World: A Theory of Content for Action-Oriented Perceptual States
2005 Johannes Hafner From Metamathematics to Philosophy: A Critical Assessment of Putnam’s Model-Theoretic Argument
2003 Elizabeth Camp Saying and Seeing-As: The Linguistic, Cognitive, and Imaginative Uses and Effects of Metaphor
2003 Omar Mirza Naturalism and Darwin’s Doubt: a Study of Plantinga’s Evolutionary Argument against Naturalism