Katrina Winzeler

Katrina Winzeler

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(B.A. Tufts University, Philosophy and Biology, 2003) I am interested in the mind, which means that my philosophical interests span from Philosophy of Mind (consciousness, mental causation) to Philosophy of Science (explanation and reduction, physics, biology -especially evolutionary theory) to Philosophy of Psychology, and beyond. I am writing a dissertation on mental disorder and psychotherapeutic interventions. I have specific interests in mood disorders and addiction. I am especially interested in, and vexed by, the relations between neuroscience, psychology, and philosophy when it comes to psychopathology.

I like to dabble in the philosophy of physics, quantum mechanics, multiverses, cosmology, and the concept of entropy. Outside of my academic interests, I love the natural world, both listening to and writing music, a good mystery, and living at the level of non-reflective phenomenal experience whenever I get the chance.

I am pictured here with a magical antique doll to whom I was irresistibly drawn while exploring the dusty basement of an antique store in Quebec City.

My office hours for Fall 2013 are Fridays 1:30-2:30 in 301 Moses Hall.