Adriano Mannino [home page]

Postdoctoral Fellow, Kavli Center for Ethics, Science, and the Public

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Courses for Spring 2024: Kavli Graduate Seminar in Philosophy: The Moral and Political Philosophy of AI

Adriano Mannino’s research interests are in normative ethics, decision theory, political theory, and applied ethics, especially AI ethics and policy. His Ph.D. dissertation, “Playing Dice with Lives: An Essay on Aggregation, Rights, and Automation,” examines the moral “numbers problem” through the lenses of moral philosophy, decision theory, and social choice. In other academic and practical work (as a social entrepreneur and policy consultant), Mannino has dealt with issues including climate change and collective action, animal ethics and politics, public health and medical resource allocation, neuroenhancement, democratic discourse in the digital public sphere (and populist/authoritarian threats to it), as well as artificial intelligence.