Kaspar Villadsen

E-mail: kv.mpp@cbs.dk

Kaspar Villadsen is a visiting scholar at The Department of Philosophy, UC-Berkeley. Villadsen is a Professor at Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Copenhagen Business School. He is doing research on the concept of the state and civil society in Michel Foucault’s authorship which was published in the book ‘Statephobia and Civil Society: The Political Legacy of Michel Foucault’, 2016, Stanford University Press (with Mitchell Dean). He is also the author of Power and Welfare: Understanding Citizens’ Encounters with StateWelfare, 2013, Routledge (with NannaMik-Meyer). Villadsen’s work has appeared in journals like Economy and Society; Theory, Culture and Society; Body and Society, and New Political Science. Currently, Villadsen is affiliated to Professor, Hans Sluga, UC-Berkeley, while working on a book entitled ‘Foucault and Technlogy’. He would be very happy to discuss these issues (and more) with colleagues and students at UC-Berkeley.