Holly M. Smith. Now Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at Rutgers University, she has also held previous appointments at Tufts University, the University of Pittsburgh, the University of Michigan, the University of Illinois-Chicago, and the University of Arizona. At Arizona and Rutgers she served seventeen years in academic administration before resuming full-time faculty status in 2006. She has published articles in The Philosophical Review, The Journal of Philosophy, Ethics, Nous, and Mind, as well as many other venues, on topics in normative ethics, the theory of moral responsibility, and bio-medical ethics. An article of hers was selected as one of the ten best articles to appear in print in 1983 and is reprinted in Volume VI of The Philosopher’s Annual. Her book Making Morality Work (Oxford University Press, 2018) explores how moral theories should accommodate the errors, ignorance, and misunderstandings that impede us when we confront occasions for moral decision-making. To address this issue the book advocates adoption of what Smith calls the “Constrained Standards Hybrid Approach.” Presently she is working on a new proposal for how to weigh the stringency of deontological duties, and is revisiting the issue of how to define an agent’s alternatives in the context of moral theories, especially consequentialist ones. Professor Smith’s work has been supported and recognized by fellowships from the National Endowment for the Humanities; the American Association of University Women; the Council for Philosophical Studies Institute on Moral Problems in Medicine; the School of Philosophy Research School of the Social Sciences at the Australian National University; and the National Humanities Center. She currently serves as a member of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy Editorial Board (subject co-editor for Normative Ethics). In her administrative role she served as national President of the Council of Colleges of Arts and Sciences. In her instructor role she won a series of grants at Rutgers University to facilitate student-faculty interactions in large lecture courses, and designed a fully on-line introduction to ethics course. More information is available on her website.