Elek Lane

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E-mail: eplane@berkeley.edu
Dissertation advisors: John MacFarlane and Seth Yalcin

Courses for Summer 2023 Session A: The Nature of Mind

B.A., University of Chicago

How do p and ~p differ? What is repetition? Am I really not TN?


Semantic Dispositionalism and the Rule-Following Paradox, Metaphilosophy 53 (5), 2022: 685-695. (link)

Resolution in §201 of the Philosophical Investigations, Australasian Journal of Philosophy 98 (2), 2020: 393-402. (link)

Excursus on Wittgenstein’s Rule-Following Considerations, Nordic Wittgenstein Review 6 (1), 2017: 53-83. (link)