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Sven Neth

Sven Neth [home page]

Dissertation advisors: Lara Buchak, Amy Rose Deal, and John MacFarlane

(B.A., Freie Universität Berlin, 2016). Hi, I’m interested in philosophy.

These days, I mostly like to think about epistemology, decision theory, language and logic. Anything related to Goodman’s “New Riddle”: I’m probably into it.

In the summer of 2019, I was a visiting researcher at Oxford’s Global Priorities Institute, doing research on applied decision theory.

You can also find me on PhilPeople. Also check out my website.


Chancy Modus Ponens, forthcoming in Analysis. [journal] [philpapers]

Here are some slides.

Measuring Belief and Risk Attitude, In: Lawrence S. Moss: Proceedings Seventeenth Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Rationality and Knowledge (TARK 2019), Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 297, pp. 354–364. [journal] [philpapers] [arXiv]