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Sven Neth

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Dissertation advisors: Lara Buchak, Amy Rose Deal, and John MacFarlane

(B.A., Freie Universität Berlin, 2016). Hi, I’m interested in philosophy.

I mostly work on decision theory and formal epistemology. At the moment, I am working on a project on Bayesian decision theory for non-ideal agents.

In addition, I am interested in ethics and social choice theory. I also like to think about Goodman’s ‘New Riddle of Induction’.

You can also find me here: Website, PhilPeople.

I’m a Global Priorities Fellow at the Forethought Foundation.


Measuring Belief and Risk Attitude. Proceedings of TARK 2019, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 297: 354-364, 2019.

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Chancy Modus Ponens. Analysis 79 (4): 632-638, 2019.

[journal] [philpapers]