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Ravit Dotan

Ravit Dotan

Dissertation advisors: Lara Buchak and Shamik Dasgupta

I mainly work in epistemology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of machine learning. Mostly, I think about the concept of evidence, the role of values in reasoning, and theory choice. For example, what makes a piece of information evidence for a certain hypothesis rather than another? How do values influence our evaluations of hypotheses? I consider these questions in the context of science, machine learning, day-to-day life, and religion.

My secondary areas of interest are feminist and social philosophy. I am especially interested in analyzing the institution of legal marriage and its influence on marginalized communities, and in understanding what “race” and “gender” are.

I am sometimes asked how I pronounce my name. The phonetic spelling is: rah-veet doh-tahn. The German pronunciation comes close, you can hear what it sounds like by clicking the “listen” icon here: