Jeffrey Kaplan

E-mail: jeffkaplan@berkeley.edu
Dissertation advisors: Hannah Ginsborg, John MacFarlane, and John R. Searle

(B.A., summa cum laude, Williams College, 2009; M.Phil., University of Cambridge, 2011) Jeff’s main interests are in philosophy of language and mind. At the moment, Jeff is beginning work on a dissertation about the normativity of meaning and the structure of concepts. He just recently realized that in order to understand the way in which meaning might be normative he will need to first understand the way in which many have thought that law is normative. So, somewhat surprisingly, his interest in meaning and intentionality is leading him to read a lot about legal positivism. In the past he has worked on closure, temporal parts, concepts, the preface paradox, the content of perceptual experience, externalism about epistemic justification, and love.