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Dylan Murray

Dissertation advisors: John Campbell and R. Jay Wallace

I’m interested in whether the scientific image of the world really is inconsistent with the manifest image of lived, first-person experience (among other things). In particular, I’m very interested in whether there are real conflicts of this sort in the normative domain, especially with respect to whether scientific findings might threaten free will and moral responsibility.

My dissertation investigates what implicit biases (and dual-processing results more generally) mean for free will and moral responsibility - for what they are, and whether it turns out that we have less of them than we thought. As it turns out, I think the results also reveal new ways of having them.

I received my B.A. from Kalamazoo College (2006), my M.A. from Georgia State University (2010), studied abroad at the Budapest Semester in Cognitive Science, and worked at the Moral Cognition Lab (see also) at Harvard. I currently work in the Concepts and Cognition Lab at Berkeley, where I’m also an organizer for the Moral Psychology Group and the Urban Scholars program.