Austin Andrews

Office: Moses 247
Dissertation advisors: John Campbell and Geoffrey Lee

Courses for Summer 2015 1st 6wks: The Nature of Mind

(B.A., UCSB, 2009). Austin is interested in what the mind is, how it works and, especially, why some of its operations feel some way for their subject.

Currently Austin has no clue how to answer any of those questions but he hopes to have something to say about them some day.

Austin is trying to sort all of this out by writing a dissertation about the transparency of perceptual experience, the idea that when we try to focus on our perceptual experiences themselves we inevitably end up focusing on the objects of those experiences.

How this will solve the problem of what the mind is and how it works is unclear but you have to start somewhere.

This semester (Spring 2015), Austin is not teaching. In the past, Austin has taught philosophy 115, 132, 136, 3, 3, 100, 2, 25a as well as an introduction to philosophy through PUP.