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Dissertation advisors: Lara Buchak and Niko Kolodny

(B.A., Brown University, 2008) Models in decision theory are used across disciplines in explanations, predictions, and evaluations of human action whether or not that action is ideal or rational. Each of these tasks place different requirements on the model. Within the domain of modeling instrumentally rational human behavior, the problem is that none of the traditional models returns results that seem correct generally. The core problematic cases arise within the context of preference change and choice under uncertainty. I develop a new way of looking at the epistemology of economic modeling that illuminates justifiable modeling approaches in these domains. My contention is that once we apply relatively uncontroversial results from the philosophy of language to the discussion of the mind and the application of formal models, it becomes clear how decision theory can represent these kinds of situations.

I am currently the Director of Equity, Unity, and Assembly Diversity at the Graduate Assembly, the official UC Berkeley Graduate Student Government. Next academic year (2013-2014) I will be the President.

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