Event Detail

Fri Mar 21, 2014
Howard Room, Faculty Club, 8 AM
Berkeley Social Ontology Group, Pre-Spring Break Symposium

Coffee and muffins, The Howard Room

John Kilhstrom: Prospect for a Social Neuroscience
U.C. Berkeley, Department of Psychology

Robert MacCoun: The Burden of Social Proof: Socially Shared Thresholds for Belief and Action
U.C. Berkeley, Goldman School of Public Policy

Mark Bevir: Ontology and Policy: Reflections on the UN’s Post–2015 Agenda
U.C. Berkeley, Department of Political Science

Lunch: Men’s Faculty Club

Loic Wacquant: The Social Algebra of Ghettoization
U.C. Berkeley, Department of Sociology

This event is sponsored by the Berkeley Social Ontology Group. Organizers: Jennifer Hudin, Matt Langione. We would like to thank International Governmental Studies and its Director, Jack Citrin, for making BSOG possible.