The Dennes Room

Event Detail

Wed Nov 14, 2007
Toll Room, Alumni House, 4:10–6 PM
Howison Lectures in Philosophy
Fred Dretske (Duke University)
What We See

We see (at least) three fundamentally different sorts of things: objects (a tomato), properties of these objects (the tomato’s size, shape, color, orientation), and facts about them (that it is a tomato, that it is red). I shall be concerned with only the first: our perception ofobjects. I will furthermore restrict my topic by assuming, without argument, that the objects we see, in normal circumstances, are ordinary dry goods–tomatoes, pencils, people, trees and houses. I am interested in how many of these objects we see in brief, but attentive, observation. The answer to this question tells us something important about the nature of conscious perceptual experience.