The Dennes Room

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Fri Sep 20, 2019
Toll Room, Alumni House, 10 AM–7 PM
Buddhist Philosophy: The State of the Field


Robert Sharf (University of California, Berkeley)
Shōryū Katsura (BDK America)


Jay Garfield (Smith College)
Knowing Illusion: Studying Geluk-Sakya/Kagyu Polemics following Takstang’s ‘18 Great Contradictions in the Thought of Tsongkhapa

Lin Chen-kuo (National Chenchi University)
When Chan Meets the Logicians: Miyun Yuanwu’s (1566-1642) Response in the Debate on No-Motion

Daniel A. Arnold (University of Chicago)
Location, Location, Location! THoughts on the Philosophical Implications of a Locative Absolute

Jan Westerhoff (University of Oxford)
How to Balance Philology and Philosophy in the Study of Madhyamaka

Catherine Prueitt (George Mason University)
Salience, Attention, and Exclusion

Parimal Patil (Harvard University)
Why Buddhists Argue

Jonathan Gold (Princeton University)
What Use is Buddhist Philosophy? Constructing the Path for Academia

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