The Dennes Room

Event Detail

Sat Mar 12, 2016
Howison Library
John MacFarlane (Berkeley), Malte Willer (Chicago), Lisa Matthewson (UBC)
Meaning Sciences Workshop

10:00 am: Coffee

10:30 am: John MacFarlane, “Vagueness as Indecision”. Chair: Seth Yalcin

12:30 pm: lunch

1:30 pm: Malte Willer, “Free Choice for Simplification”. Chair: Fabrizio Cariani

3:30 pm: coffee

3:45 pm: Lisa Matthewson, “On the (In)dependence of Tense and Modality”. Chair: Peter Jenks

5:45 pm: refreshments

7:00 pm: dinner at Berkeley Thai House

9:30 pm: drinks