Event Detail

Thu Sep 3, 2015
234 Moses Hall, 1–3 AM
Working Group in the History and Philosophy of Logic, Mathematics, and Science
Carl Posy (Professor of Philosophy, Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Kantian Discipline and the Paradoxes of Knowledge

I will propose a reading of Kant’s “empirical realism” and “transcendental idealism” which aligns Kant’s thought with some contemporary epistemological and semantic notions, and I will use that reading to interpret his arguments in two passages from the “Dialectic” of the Critique of Pure Reason (the “Fourth Paralogism” and the “First Antinomy”). Then I will use these in order to propose a solution to the hangman paradox and to elucidate its relation to Moore’s Paradox. At the end I will say some things about how this “Kantian” approach to these paradoxes can be generalized, and, if there is time, I will compare it to some other treatments of the paradoxes.