Event Detail

Fri Nov 7, 2014
223 Moses Hall
Thomas Hobbes on Reason and Passions, Law and Politics

9am: Welcome

Natural Law

9:15-10:30: Professor Monicka Patterson-Tutschka: Hobbes and natural law in context

Respondent: Professor Ethan Shagan

Moderator: Professor Kinch Hoekstra

10:45-12: Professor Susanne Sreedhar: Theft, Murder, Adultery: Hobbes, the Lacedaemonians and Puzzles about Natural Law

Respondent: Professor Jonathan Sheehan

Moderator: Rosie Wagner

12-1: Lunch (at the Faculty Club)

Language, reasoning and deliberation

1:15-2:30: Professor Arash Abizadeh: Hobbes on Mind: A strongly cognitive account of deliberation and reasoning

Respondent: Professor Martine P├ęcharman

Moderator: Rosie Wagner

2:30-3:45: Professor Stewart Duncan: Hobbes on the signification of moral language

Respondent: Professor Kinch Hoekstra

Moderator: Nicholas Gooding

4:00-5:15: Professor Martine P├ęcharman: “Deliberation, Reasoning and ‘The Will’: How does Hobbes’s Theory of the Mind Contribute to his Political Theory?”

Respondent: Nicholas Gooding

Moderator: Professor Dennis Klimchuk