Event Detail

Thu Oct 2, 2014
223 Moses Hall
Global Philosophy? European, Asian, and American Perspectives

Session 1

The encounter of Western philosophy with Non-Western thought

9 am: Michael Foster, University of Bonn and University of Chicago, “Does Western Philosophy Have Non-western Roots?”

10 am: Katharina Kaiser, University of California at Berkeley, “Alterity in Art, or Why We Need the Foreign.”

11 am: Toru Kashima, Waseda University, Japan, “Toward an Alter-globalization of Philosophy. Walter Benjamin reads the Japanese classic literature of the 10th century.”

Session 2:

Global Questions from a local perspective

2 pm: Han Lin He, Peking University, “Man is a rule-following animal”

3 pm: Jens Rometsch, University of Bonn, “On the epistemological role of freedom”

4 pm: Markus Gabriel, University of Bonn, “What kind of an idealist (if any) is Hegel?”

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