Philosophy 18

Fall 2014

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
18 Confucius for Today Shun MWF 3-4 106 Stanley

The teachings of Confucius (6th to 5th century B.C.) have had a profound influence on Chinese and East Asian cultures, and have attracted significant interest throughout the world. In what ways are they still of relevance to life in the twenty-first century? The course will consider the contemporary implications of Confucius’ teachings for such topics as: family, rituals, life and death, fate, contentment and anxiety, anger and resentment, courage, respectfulness, modesty and humility, trustworthiness, learning, self-cultivation, semblances of virtue. In addition to reading selected passages from the Analects, we will also consider commentaries by later Confucians and read contemporary philosophical articles on the relevant topics.

Required Readings D.C. Lau (trans.) Confucius: The Analects (The Chinese University Press) Other selected journal articles.

Assignments Short essays, a short test early in the term, and a final exam.