Philosophy 160

Fall 2013

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
160 Plato Corcilius MWF 12-1 110 Wheeler

This course is an introduction into the main currents within Plato’s philosophy. This will include his conceptions of philosophy, the good life, the soul, causes and explanation, the hypothesis of the Forms, his account of human knowledge and some of the developments and revisions of these conceptions. Towards the second half of the semester the discussion will focus largely on Plato’s moral psychology. Important secondary literature will be made available on bspace. No previous knowledge of Plato required. Students are expected to actively participate and to occasionally give presentations. Required text: Plato. Complete Works. Ed. J. M. Cooper Indianapolis 1997. Hackett Publishing Company. ISBN 0–87220–349–2.

Previously taught: FL12, SP12, SP11, SP09, FL07, FL06, FL04.