Philosophy 100

Spring 2011

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
100 Philosophical Methods Yalcin W 2-4 219 Dwinelle

A course to encourage in philosophy majors the practice and development of the skills of reading and writing in philosophy. Readings will be drawn from recent essays on a variety of subjects in different areas of philosophy. These will be discussed in one two-hour classroom meeting each week. Students will be expected to read and discuss the essays in class and to write clearly and accurately about them and about the questions they raise. Each student will meet individually each week with a graduate student instructor for close assessment and discussion of the student’s writing with special attention to how it could be improved.

Previously taught: FL10, SP10, FL09, SP09, FL08, SP08, FL07, SP07, FL06, SP06, FL05, SP05, FL04, SP04, FL03.