Philosophy 142

Fall 2008

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
142 Philosophical Logic Fitelson MWF 3-4 110 Wheeler

The goal of this course is “logic literacy”. Contemporary philosophy is steeped in logic: to read journal articles and take part in discussions, one needs to know a certain amount of logic. We will study i) the basic techniques of logic, including syntax, semantics, proof theory, metalogic, and a bit of philosophy of logic; and ii) a number of extensions of standard logic that are important in philosophy (for example, intuitionist logic, modal logic, counterfactuals). The course will be more broad than deep: we will examine many different systems, but will not spend a lot of time proving difficult metalogical results about these systems (except for completeness in propositional modal logic.

Previously taught: SP08, FL06, SP06, SP05.