Philosophy 161

Spring 2008

Number Title Instructor Days/time Room
161 Aristotle Frede MWF 10-11 170 Barrows

The course provides a survey of the main areas of Aristotle’s works in the fields of logic, metaphysics, natural science, psychology and ethics/politics. It will end with a brief review of his poetics and rhetoric. Since Aristotle was concerned with working out the basic principles of each subject and the corresponding methodology, a proper understanding of those princi-ples will be one of the course’s main concerns. Given the wide scope of Aristotle’s interests the course will have to confine itself to selective investigations of the application Aristotle makes of his principles in the different fields of study. Since Aristotle’s works are hard to access because of his terse style the readings will focus in the main on an analysis of the se-lected texts taken from (ed.) J. L. Ackrill: A New Aristotle Reader Requirements: Three 5 page papers, one final examination.

Previously taught: FL05, SP04.